Jaz was referred to Wellbeing Prescription because she was overweight which was making her feel tired and depressed. The Wellbeing Advisor and Jaz came up with a weight loss plan which helped her eat healthier and exercise more. 

Over the 3 months Jaz saw the Wellbeing Advisor, she was able to lose over a stone which helped her feel more positive and she was able to look for work which is something she hadn’t felt mentally well enough to do for several years.

Jaz has since found a new job and attends a pilates class regularly which she enjoys.



Peter was referred to Wellbeing Prescription because of his situation at home. He is caring for his wife who has MS and receives social services help but needed more support.

The Wellbeing Advisor helped Peter get in touch with the Brigitte Trust which was able to provide emotional support for Peter and respite care for his wife. 

Peter now feels less stressed because he is able get out and about more knowing that there is someone to look after his wife if he needs. 



Hilary lives outside a small village and was referred to Wellbeing Prescription because she was lonely and feeling down. Because Hilary couldn’t drive and didn’t have access to public transport, the Wellbeing Advisor helped her access a local volunteer taxi service which helped her get about and about more.

Hilary now regularly attends a Knit and Natter group and is feeling much less lonely.


Vince was referred to the Wellbeing Prescription for anxiety. The Wellbeing Advisor discovered that Vince lived in a large house but found it stressful to maintain as he got older.

He was keen to move into more suitable accommodation but was a lifelong hoarder and couldn’t work out what to do with all his stuff which made him even more stressed.

Vince was signposted to a decluttering service and the local housing provider who were able to help Vince move to a more suitable home where he is much happier.


Katie was referred to Wellbeing Prescription to help her lose weight. During discussions with the Wellbeing Advisor, Katie admitted she felt depressed from her child birthing experience. 

Katie was signposted to a counselling service for postnatal depression which has helped her feel more positive. She has since seen the Wellbeing Advisor who has helped her develop a weight loss plan.